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JBF-2 Flasher JBF-3 Flasher JBF-4 Flasher EGPT-1 Glow Plug Timer
EGPT-2 Glow Plug Timer JGPT-1 Glow Plug Timer JAHC-1 Air Heater Timer EBS-1 Buzzer/Summer
UBS-1 Buzzer/Summer UBS-2 Heavy Duty Sirens Musical Buzzer UBS-3 Safety Warning Relay-5 Way ETS-1 Sensor Dual(Beru)

JTS-1 Sensor Temperature/ Glow Plug Timer ETS & JTS-2 Sensors/Senders Water Temperature SP-1 Dual Relay Combo SP-2 Dual Relay Combo
SP-3 Dual Relay Combo SP-4 Dual Horn Control SP-5 Starter Relay SP-6 Glow Plug Relay
SP-7 Voltage Regulator SP-8 Automatic Engine Heating Kit SP-9 Brake Fluid Tank SP-10 Float Switch for Fuel Filter Warning
SP-11 Fuel Filter Unit SP-12a&b Magnetic Sensors SP-13a&b Pressure Switches SP-14 Beeper Flasher

SP-15 Radiator Water Level Sensor SP-16 Magneto Drain Plug for Engine/Gear Box SP-17a&b Speed Regulator Potentiometer PB6 SP-18 Flasher Heavy Duty 960 Watts 12&24 V
SP-19 Relay -PCB Mounted 12 & 24 V DC-30A SP-20 LED Marker Light 12V-500 Lumen Solenoid

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