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Product Questions

Below are some questions we have received from customers regarding our products.

For general and service related questions please visit FAQs and our Customer Service page Questions related to the Potentiometer Speed Controller

How much voltage can your potentiometer speed controller handle?
The voltage and current of our Potentiometer is governed by the Mosfet DC Motor Controller. If the DC Motor Controller for your motor is compatible with Curtis PB 6 Throttle then our Potbox will work.

Will my 72V motor work with your PotBox?
The motor is controlled by the Mosfet controller. Our potbox is a throttle for controlling the speed of the motor. The main function is to control the current excitement and not the voltage. Please check if the Mosfet controller for your 72V motor will accomodate a 5KOhms potentiometer (our unit) which is the same as Curtis PB6 / PB7 in which case our Potbox will work with your motor.

Is your pot box also compatible with the curtis PB-8 (3 wired 5kOhm pot box)?
Sorry no it is not compatible. Model #PB-6 is a two-wire potbox designed to work with the Curtis/PMC controllers on DC vehicles. The Curtis/PMC model #PB-8 is a three-wire potbox, and is used with the DMOC445 controller on AC vehicles.

Would your electric cart potentiometer 5K.ohm speed controller control a remote electronic pulse width modulator?
Our speed controller throttle is a two wire single potentiometer designed to work in conjunction with a Mosfet DC motor controller. It cannot work as a pulse modulator.

How many wires does your potbox have?
Two wires

I'm looking to "convert" a wiper motor that was controlled by a cable. Is this potentiometer over kill? or under?
A Wiper Motor is controlled either in full cycle or in intermittent cycle through a Wiper Intermittent Relay. If you are looking for swipe speed control then you can simply put an ordinary Potentiometer to regulate the voltage for speed control. Our Potentiometer is designed to work with a MOSFET Controller of a heavy duty DC Motor.

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Questions related to the Diesel Engine Pre-Heating System

Will your Engine heating kit work in my vehicle?
If your diesel engine is heated by 12V glow plugs then yes it will work

I want to install your diesel engine heating kit on a ocean cruising sailboat but would like to have spare parts on hand. Are the indivdual items that make up this kit available separately?
Yes we can send you individual spare parts.

Has your diesel engine heating kit undergone lifecycle testing? Any idea how many cycles this setup will last?
This item has completed 10,000 life cycles as per JIS and is very reliable.

Are there any special modifications that should be done to this unit for saltwater enviroment?
For marine application you may want to repaint the entire unit with Red Oxide or other non-corrosive marine application paint.

I have an older engine which requires a 30 second ON time at 32F. My question is how often does the unit recycle during cold start and run ? Can the unit be reprogramed if the ON duration and cycle times need to be changed after the unitis installed ?
Our EPS timing will be 30Sec Max at 0 Deg C Our EPS works on 1 time cycle only. To repeat that cycle the Ignition Switch has to be made OFF and then again ON after previous cycle is over. Although we do not advise on changing time cycle duration once it has been set at the factory yet the time cycle can be changed by addition of a suitable value of Resistance at any one connection of the Sensor. However such alterations would void the warranty.

I have a 1959 International harvester (CaseIH) tractor model B275 with a diesel 4 cylinder engine BD144. It is a 144 cubic inch with an old manual glow plug system that has been revised over the years. I have had the tractor for the last 7-8 years or so and to my knowledge, it has never operated properly. I do not know what the Glow Plug resistance is supposed to be, but new ones for the tractor measure .4 ohms. It has a resistance coil mounted on the dash that is supposed to glow when the circuit is energized via a push button switch on the dash. It is a 12V system. When the manual glow plug circuit was working as I thought to be normal, it would take approx 12-15 seconds of energizing the glow plug circuit to start the engine at ambient temperature (70 Deg F +). I have held it for up to 30 seconds in much lower temperatures. Will your Automatic Engine Pre Heating System 12V kit work on my tractor?
Does your system come with a variable delay relay that can be adjusted as needed, or is it just dependent on temperature from the thermocouple feed? If temperature dependent, the range should be from 2 sec hot to 30 sec cold if possible.
How much initial current will go to each glow plug (amps)?

Yes our kit will work with your tractor. Our Engine Preheating System works on a linear curve of time-temp. set at factory at 20Deg C. The normal setting is 7Sec at 20 Deg C but at factory this can be altered to +/-5 Sec to increase or decrease cold start & hot start glow duration. The Max glow time will be 30 Sec. The current feed will depend on the glow plugs. Our Solenoid Switch will pass 80 Amps at 12V DC normally with a peak of +10 Amps for 1.5 Sec.

I have an 8 cylinder diesel engine. Will your kit work?
Our Engine Preheating kit is an universal application model suitable for Engines with any number of cylinders that require Pre-Heating for a quick start. The only criteria is 12V DC for operation of the CPU & the Glow Plugs. The inbuilt Solenoid Switch can take 80 Amps Max for Glow Plug Heating.

Will the Diesel engine heating kit work with 5 volt glow plugs.?
If your Battery Voltage is 12V Dc then it can be fed to glow plugs for 3/4 Sec max. to avoid burning of Glow Plugs. This will be a fixed timing. If you want automatic operation then you would need to fix a DC-DC converter to reduce the 12V DC to 5V DC at 80 Amps current. The best option is to replace the Glow Plugs with 12V DC Glow Plugs to get full advange of our system.

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Questions related to Relays

What are the product specifications on your 70 A 12V relays?
Our 70A 12V relays are manufactured according to JIS D 5010-77 Specifications, which specifies 100,000 cycles of ON & OFF operations of (2 Sec On and 20 Sec OFF) under Resistive and Inductive Load. These relays are rated for 70 amp continuous operation with a peak load of 80 amps.

I'm a volunteer fire fighter. Do you have anything to speed up my hazard flashers?
If you want to increase the OFF/ON ratio of your existing device we cannot help but if you want to fix our Alternate Flasher for Hazard Warning, then we can provide a frequency of your choice.

How many alternating cycles does your Alternating Flasher give per minute, i.e., side to side impulses?
Our Alternating Flasher gives approx 60 +/-5 alternate cycles per minute.

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